You can now rename Google Assistant routines without changing the activation command

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In current weeks, Google has improved the conduct of its assistant in numerous methods. For instance, we will already say say “Cease!” to Google Assistant to silence it and thus cease utilizing the “Okay, Google” or use the short phrases of the Pixel 6 in Spanish.

At the moment the novelty reaches the Google Dwelling utility, which is the place we manage and management all of the parameters associated to the assistant.

Renaming routines

Routines, that’s, shortcuts with particular instructions or teams of actions, got here to this program a number of years in the past, however we have been by no means capable of give them a special title than the activation command.

Command-independent renaming of routines


Command-independent renaming of routines

That’s, if we had a routine known as “I am leaving dwelling” that activated the lights off and the vacuum cleaners on utilizing that command, within the utility we might see that it might have that very same title.

Now we will change it utilizing the pencil icon that seems subsequent to the title once we enter the modifying mode of a routine.

It’s not a very vital change, particularly because it is smart to name the routine with the identical title because the command, to know what we’ve got to say, however it’s appreciated that we’re given the choice to change it.

Predefined routines cannot be renamed

Las rutinas predefinidas no se pueden renombrar

Eso sí, hay alguna rutinas, las que vienen por defecto, que no podremos modificar. Podemos identificarlas porque el icono del lápiz no aparece al lado de su nombre.