How to get free Robux? 

Roblox is dominating the gaming world, and since 2020, there has been a significant increase in its player count, as you must be knowing that Tonlox has an in-game currency known as Robux. It is bought with real cash, so its value is compared with real money. Getting it for free is not easy, but many players try reckless methods that lead them into trouble.

Here is a list of apps and methods that offer free Robux. 

What is Roblox?

Roblox is different than other gaming platforms due to its dual interface for developers and players. You can create your own game and launch ut on the platform, but it should be unique and easy to play if you want to make it a success. Software engineers get a lot of perks if they get permanently associated with Roblox, like free Robux and promo codes.

There are various mini-games on the platform that you can enjoy in single-player or multiplayer mode. All the games are unique, and some are developed with the same storyline of famous series and movies. Recently they brought in a Squid game-themed 3D world that people are gushing over. The best part about Roblox is that it is compatible with all operating systems.Get more information click on

Robux is the currency used in Roblox world for buying any premium item. The legit way to get it is by purchasing it with real money on the official app. But if you want to earn some free Robux, here is a list of methods you can opt for.

Ways to get free Robux:

Microsoft Rewards

This is a legit way to get free Robux because it is a collab between two brands. Start by creating an account or logging in to your preexisting account on the Microsoft webpage. You need to complete daily challenges and perform tasks to gather points.For more information go to Microsoft Redeem Code.

Redeeming these points as free Robux is one of the reward options available on the domain. You get a 100 Robux gift card for every 1500 points.

Developing game

This is a full-proof way to access free Robux because the company itself gives this perk. You need to enroll in the developer community of the brand. To do so, you need to create a fantastic game with a unique theme and idea that can impress the player, audience, and authority. 

If they buy your game, you are in for a treat of many advantages.

Inbox Dollars

If you want to try your luck with a third-party website, this can be a good option. It allows you to give your views in surveys and get points, which can be redeemed for free Robux in the form of gift cards. It will be sent via email. Use its code in the official Roblox app promo codes section, and your amount will get credited.

Apart from surveys, they have some bonus tasks too which can get you extra rewards in less time.


While playing Roblox, you must have come across this website advertisement, showing its strategic planning to get free Robux. Another third-party domain asks the users to perform tasks like watching videos, participating in challenges, downloading the suggested games/apps, and much more. They reward points for each task.

After you gather a minimum of 5000 points, you can redeem it to get an unused promo code for Robux. Go to Roblox redeem promo codes webpage and enter it in the designated box. You will receive the amount in your profile.

Jet pack chicken

This is like playing the game to get perks for another game! It is an obstacle game where you get a chicken Avatar who jumps over all the items that come in his way to reach the finish line. Three promo codes are the reward set by the developer. The condition applied is to clear all levels and reach the finish line.

The game might seem easy, but as the level precedes, the difficulties increase.

Slide Joy

This is an app for mobile devices only. It has unique software that brings in the new commercial of different brands on your wallpaper every time you unlock your screen. As we know that advertising is good commerce, so you gain points through this application.

You can redeem the points in whichever manner you want. For free Robux, you can get promo codes or buy gift cards. It is a time taking function, but you do not need to put in any extra effort. All you need is to install the app and let it work its way.

Roblox promo code

Roblox has started a collaboration with many brands, and together they release promo codes with their products as rewards. These promo codes can get you premium items like weapons, skins, pets, and Accessories. Some of them even possess free Robux. 

If you do not want to buy products to get free codes, you can search on google to access unlimited valid promo codes launched every month.


Some of the methods mentioned above are 100% legit, but some are skeptical because they are not officially affiliated with Roblox. Using a third-party website can get you banned from the platform, so be vigilant while using any sketchy website that claims to give too good to be valid offers. 

The easiest and fastest way to get Robux is through cash from Roblox, but if you have enough time to spare, you can try the above method as well. Please share your experience with us.

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