Top 5 WooCommerce Currency Switcher Plugins to Watch Out in 2022?

Do you want to add a multilingual currency option in your eCommerce store and look for the best WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugins to revolutionize your online store? Precisely, the existing state of WooCommerce is in dollars, but most countries have another currency, which means we need to improve our website credibility to improve customer experience; this is why we’ll require this plugin.

These currency switcher plugins will enable you to shuffle the overall currency rate for a specific country. Furthermore, they will enable you to embed a shortcodes widget in the sidebar by which consumers can change their pricing in their local pricing parameters.

Hence, several plugins can automatically detect the country’s IP address. They can instantly update the pricing parameters based on your country’s privileges or switch your currency in the manual order. Hence, we’ll take a look at some of the top WooCommerce Switcher Plugins for WooCommerce Stores are as follows:

1)   Currency Switcher for WooCommerce

Currency Switcher for WooCommerce is a powerful and robust extension that instantly updates the rates of currency exchange and highlights their alternative currency anywhere on your site. This plugin automatically detects the Geo-Location IP of consumer and the country from where they are navigating on your store. When any page from your store gets loaded, the extension shows the overall prices in the customer’s home currency.

An easy-to-use extension, users can be idealized across the store from the shopping place and cart to the checkout page of your WooCommerce site. The extensions use the current rates for currency conversions which get automatically updated at a default time or interval. The following are some of the features of Currency Switcher for WooCommerce:

  • Expands your brand to relevant countries & regions
  • Surpasses the hurdle of currency conversions
  • Reduces the Cart Abandonment, Refunds, Chargebacks
  • Ensures the pricing display consistency across the online store
  • Changes the currency automatically via customers GEOIP
  • Assists customers to avoid additional fee charges on their credit card statements

2)   Multi-Currency for WooCommerce

Multi-Currency is another intuitive WooCommerce currency switcher, and this freemium tool comes with some of the most powerful features readily available. It simply converts prices, coupons, shipping prices, and even taxes based on users’ currency. You can simply incorporate a nifty widget with seven distinct front-end styles to your website and a floating currency bar that lets your shoppers choose their preferred currency.

Multi-Currency also instantly detects the country based on the IP address for advanced currency switching. Moreover, Multi-Currency provides a premium option that starts at 30 USD and adds a wide variety of useful features such as free currency options, switching currency via JavaScript, and compatibility with the Finance API. The premium version allows users to save sessions on your website to save the currency they’ve usually selected instead of cookies. Following are some of the key features of multi-currency for woocommerce:

  • Provides multi-currency for product prices, shipping prices, coupon codes, and taxes.
  • Easy to simply interact with the floating bar and widgets to switch currencies.
  • It helps you to add custom exchange fees, custom currency symbols, and multi-currency checkout.
  • Automatically detects geo-location and language for instant currency switching.

3)   Easy Digital Downloads – Currency Converter (Premium)

Easy Digital Downloads is one of the seamless premium currency switchers for WooCommerce that starts at the mere of 39 USD, it is certainly isn’t the cheap option on the list, but it packs a bigger punch in terms of features. The automatic detection and popups let your customers automatically their preferred currency within certain clicks. Instantly, the currency switching interface is simply clean and minimal with a drop-down menu and currency lists. You can eventually add your customized currencies with unique codes, labels, symbols, and exchange rates. 

Seemingly, this feature multi-currency plugin for WooCommerce also comes equipped with additional features that are quite useful for large eCommerce-driven stores. For Instance, you can simply add the switched currency to the default currency for improved clarity or eventually replace the base currency while switching one altogether.

Furthermore, you can add better currency switching support on the checkout page and add popups notifying users about the switched currency and exchange rates. Also, for effective administration, the plugin helps you process the purchases in your default currency format. The following are the key features of the Easy Digital Downloads – Currency Converter (Premium).

  • Inlines currency switching interface with intuitive, attractive menu design and options.
  • Drag and Drop customizer to personalize the currency switching menu.
  • Replaces the base currency or add switching currency to the prices.
  • Dedicated customer support solutions and user-friendly documentation.

4)   Price Based on Country for WooCommerce

Price Based on Country is simply one of the best currency switcher plugins for WooCommerce, but it is also a powerful checkout plugin. It requires frequent to no setup and is quite easy to use; it detects the shoppers’ country and showcases the price tags in the corresponding currency.

Also, the major feature of this tool is that it enables you to simply set up your store to display different prices based on several countries. In this way, you can simply set up the regional pricing according to the geo-location, which can be very difficult for certain businesses. Also, you can compute the pricing parameters via exchange rates that an app offers or adds your custom rates. This remarkable tool is also compatible with the WPML, so you can also change the site’s language and apply currency conversions to both international and flat shipping rates.

5)   WPML Currency Exchange for WooCommerce

WPML Currency Exchange for WooCommerce is a release from the WPML plugins that facilitates the visualized exchange procedure in the store and product pages. Likewise, the checkout page and order page will still follow the guidelines of the WooCommerce predefined currency. Some of the essential features of WPML Currency Exchange for WooCommerce are as follows:

  • The shortcodes and each currency widget can be updated with the images.
  • Users have the option to save the orders based on currency.
  • The rates of currency exchange are collaborated by the Open Exchange Rates and updated regularly.
  • This plugin is compatible with most of the themes such as Avada, Newspaper, and FlatSome.
  • You can simply determine the product price in specific currency in a specific currency either by the exchange rate or manual computation.
  • The geolocation feature of WooCommerce integrated with the plugin instantly detects the country and location of the customer and showcases the currency based on certain parameters.

Wrapping Up

Significantly, switching currencies can be one of the versatile aspects of any online store. Hence, if you want products to attract customers globally, you can select any above plugins from our highlighted list. Hence, these plugins are easy to set up and use without any hurdle of spending extra time and cost, making them a preferred choice for the target consumers.

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