Best Brands of Candle in the USA and Their Packaging Standards

Candles add mood swings and provide a fresh aroma in your surroundings, either you are in-home or spa. Plus, it fabulously plays its role in dressing up your décor that looks gleeful and relaxing. In the market, we have found multiple types of candles those sold in the industry for a long time with technological advancements. Some types of candles are mentioned below for you: 

  • Aroma candles 
  • Votive candles 
  • Taper candles 
  • Pillar candles 
  • Bamboo style Candles 

From this list, choosing what type of candles are best to serve your purpose is a difficult task. For instance, you can use clean scent in classic tine in bathrooms and kitchen. However, these candles are covered in custom candle boxes instead of premade cases. Let see why customization is better from premade boxes. 

Why Custom Candle Boxes Matter for Every Candle Brand?

Customization offers you to choose every point as per your choice and budget. On the other hand, premade candles boxes are plain without having any other information about you. So, the custom candle boxes are the best choice for every large-scale and small-scale business. Let see what options you will obtain from customization to make your candles adorable. 

  • Logo 
  • Brand Name 
  • Barcodes 
  • Design patterns 
  • Add-on 
  • Lamination 
  • Dividers 
  • Styles

Now it’s time to see brands and their packaging styles that they use to allow a superlative look to your candles. 


Our first name is “OtherLand” candles that are popular in the market. Such candles are great for gifting and to treat yourself if you are a crazy lover. Otherland offers unique scents of candles for their customers according to their taste and uses distinctive artistic candle packaging boxes. These candles are available in separate packaging boxes, and if your customers want three flavors in one box, they can also buy in a pack of three candle boxes.  Also, its three-pack candle helps them to save from damaging issues. It packs in rigid made boxes that have a tray to place the candles spreads and secure for your customers. The use of white color with flavor shades also give an epic look for candles lovers and force them to turn their head to buy these splendid candles. 

Bath & Body Works 

Our next stunning candle brand is “Bath & Body Works,” that famous for offering a fun aroma of fruity fragrances to people. They have served us for decades, and these candles are good for seasonal scents. The packaging of this candle is quite unique in its shape and style. Plus, it has a brand name and taglines to communicate its brand values to the customers. Plus, this box is made from brown single wall board corrugated material that has printed information to communicate with their audience. The shape of the box has an open top and bottom in the form of a plus mathematical sign. Add to this; it has die cuts and dividers holding that candle and protecting it from shaking and damage. 


Another famous name is “Diptyque,” a French Fragrance Company is that practically offers high-end candles with intoxicating scents. Most people buy these candles to make gifting worth full. These candles are pricey but look elegant and have gleeful scents. Add to this; they pack their candles in highly customized candle packaging boxes that grasp users’ attention from a long distance. And the major reason is their fabulous look of artistic doodle design patterns. Also, these candles are packed in cardboard-made packaging boxes. Some “Diptyque” candle boxes have artistic and pinky pastel rose designs that explain the flavor and make your candle packaging eye candy for customers. 


“Homesick” candles are large in size as compared to other brand candles, and they have the qualities of nostalgic candles that bring you back to a particular arena. These candles are best to bring the specific favorite locale reminds you to enjoy the moment gleefully. Each candle of homesick bands contains 13.45 ounces that fill in a simple glass jar. This glass jar contains a black and white label to explain the brand name, event name, and place to explain for your customers. The design of these candle packaging boxes differs from flavor to flavor, which seems engaging. 

Nest New York 

The stylish glass jar that used to fill the candles and set them for audiences is just amazing. Next, New York Candles are the most popular in the industry. These glasses look astounding and stunning, but the packaging boxes are also made from premium quality rigid cardstock. These candles come in separate candle packaging as well as 3-pack packaging. So customers buy these candles as per their budget easily. 


In the end, we talk about “Lafco,” which is best and does not have any chemical ingredients. The candle wax is filled in hand-blown jars that look shiny, candy apple reds, and nuanced cerulean blues. Add these candles packed in white boxes with black and another strip on the box with the brand name and logo. Add to this; such candles are available in versatile flavors to serve customers. The packaging box of the “Lafco” candle is square in shape enough to give a classical look to grasp customers’ attention. 

So, if you want to outclass candle packaging, you must consider the style, design, and, most importantly, security of your candles. As you know, decorating candles are pricey, and no one wants to damage candle in the shopping bags. 

Ending up Thoughts

The above discussion revolves around the best brands of candles in the USA that are famous among the audiences to provide quality. As a new candle producer, if you are thinking of making your candle packaging perfect, you must know about their packaging standards to overcome your errors. Therefore, this tells about “Otherland, Bath & Body Works, Diptyque, Home Sick, Nest New York, and Lafco” candle packaging solutions. So, you also need to pick custom candle boxes to make your candle presentation astonishing. 

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