11 Tips to Make Your Home Dreamy with Rugs

The home is the most intimate of spaces. It’s where we live, eat, sleep and love. But sometimes, it can feel like a cold, unwelcoming space that lacks personality or character. You can change all that with just one easy step! The first step to making your home dreamy is adding rugs! Rugs are a great way to add color, texture, and dimension to any room. They also benefit from being an affordable way to make your home feel like heaven with their soft textures that will keep you warm on cold days or cool on hot days. Whether it’s for a living room rug or a bedroom rug, there are many different types of rugs. Rugs are an inexpensive way to add warmth and texture to your home decor in an instant. Plus, they’re so versatile; you’ll find rugs for every room in your house! Everyone wants their place to feel like a dreamy oasis. Below are some tips for choosing the perfect rug for your space!

Go for a Plush Rug

The first thing you’ll need to do is determine the size of your rug. Once you know how big or small it needs to be, think about plushness! You want a soft and comfy surface that makes you feel like heaven when walking on it barefoot. It makes all the difference in making your home dreamy. The higher the pile on your rug, the plusher it will feel. Depending on the look and style you want to achieve, you can go for the best shag rugs or the highest pile rugs. They feel like a walk-in cloud in terms of softness.

Go Big or Go Home

You don’t have to invest in a big rug right away. You can start with something small and see if it works before investing in bigger ones later on when you have the budget for it. The rug size will depend on the size of your living room, so you can start with something that suits it. You can also follow the rug rule of visualizing a rug in the space and then asking yourself if it feels right. Use furniture to enhance the size of your rugs visually, but don’t go overboard since you might end up making your whole room look smaller instead.

Invest In Quality 

It’s worth investing in quality when it comes to rugs because they can become quite pricey. A high-quality rug will have the perfect thickness with a nice feel to it. It will also last longer and keep its color well after you start using it, which makes them worth every penny spent on them. Kazak, Perian, Oriental, or Baluchi rugs are some of the classic rugs that can make your home dreamy. Moreover, natural jute, cotton, and silk rugs will be better choices since they absorb moisture well.

Keep It In Proportion 

Proportion is key to decorating with a rug, as this will tie everything together and give you more balance in your room. If you already have big furniture pieces such as large couches or dining tables, then go for a larger rug that will balance out the room and provide a nice, comfortable feel. If you have small furniture pieces such as couches or chairs with low backs, then it’s best to go for rugs that are smaller in size but offer more detailed patterns and designs.

Create A Rug Palette 

When designing your home decor around rugs, make sure they are at least three different colors or patterns. This is what creates a safe, peaceful and blissful home decor. It’s best to go for neutral colors such as white, cream, and grey so that the room is not too bright or dark. The rugs should complement your furniture rather than match it perfectly because then you will end up with a boring design that looks like it was done by an amateur decorator who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Don’t Cover Up Your Room’s Personality. 

If you have an odd-shaped room or one with lots of different angles, don’t try to cover it up by hiding it with a rug! It will only add to your problem, and you’ll end up feeling like redecorating. Rather than go for the traditional rectangle shape, opt for something different such as an octagon or circle style, if that’s what looks great in your room.

If You Get Stuck on Colors 

There are too many color options available for rugs! They come in different shades and hues to suit every taste out there. If you find yourself getting stuck on colors, go for neutrals first. These rugs are great because they’re subtle and will go with any style of the room. If you want to pop in color, keep it to one or two colors that work well together, don’t overdo these bolder shades!

Don’t Be Afraid of Color, Pattern, and Shape. 

When you have a small rug at home or a low pile shaggy one that feels good to walk on barefoot, then you can go wild with colors and patterns. Play around with different shades in your decor to shake things up!

Choose a Rug Color that Fits Your Space

Every room needs just one rug color, or are there any exceptions? It can be difficult to choose which of your favorite colors will go best with the rest of your decor theme. If this is something that’s giving you trouble, then blue is the safest option. This color works well with pretty much anything!

Go for Natural Fibers

When you’re choosing a new area rug, think about its materials! The fibers in natural rugs are much better at absorbing moisture than synthetic ones, making them perfect for kitchens and bathrooms where spills often happen. Plus, they’ll stay fresh smelling longer, too!

Go for Light and Bright Colors

The next thing to think about is the color of your rug. Light and bright colors will give a dreamy vibe to any room, so consider this when choosing! You can use lighter shades on darker floors or vice versa for an extra stylish look. And don’t forget about texture; mixing light with dark textures will add more depth to your home decor.

Wrapping Up

Dreamy home decor doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. The key is adding rugs that will make your space feel like heaven on earth, and RugKnots has the perfect selection for every budget. Whether you want an inexpensive rug with a traditional pattern, something more exotic-looking in bright colors, or one with animal prints – we have it all! Visit our website and browse the categories to find your dreamiest buy yet.

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