What Are The Two Sides Of Ivf Technology And How Is It Beneficial?

IVF is the latest technology that is being used to treat infertility. Vitro means glass. An egg is being fertilized literally in the glass by the sperm in a laboratory in the IVF process.

With the help of IVF, the first treatment took place in 1978. This procedure has given hope to countless couples around the world that are facing the problem of Infertility.

The hope-giving technology

There are many positives of this process. Also, IVF has recorded the highest success rate globally and is considered to be a better reproductive technology around the world.

This is one of the most powerful technologies that have helped many people get to their happiness destination. There are many precautions and guidelines to get IVF done. Hence, there are both benefits and drawbacks of this process.

These drawbacks and benefits are in relation to infertility conditions. 1978, IVF technology has helped millions of couples to become parents. Sometimes, IVF technology can be expensive.

Hence, many couples are taking out installment loans for bad credit to go for the IVF treatment.

Advantages of IVF

  1. It helps in conceiving those who are not able to conceive naturally

IVF has a high success rate and also helps in having a healthy baby. It helps in making women conceive who are not able to do otherwise. There are many reasons why women cannot have a baby. Some of them are:

  1. Blocked tubes: many women are facing the issue of blocking the tubes or damaged fallopian tubes. IVF has a high success rate as it helps the woman have a child using their own eggs.
  2. Elder patients or with low ovarian reserve: IVF has also been successful in cases wherein there is a lower ovarian reserve. Many elderly patients are trying to have a baby but are not able to because of the circumstances.

IVF helps such patients to have a great experience and also have a baby irrespective of age. Natural IVF focuses on Quality rather than the quantity of the eggs.

  1. Male infertility: many males are infertile, and I’m not able to have BB according to the natural process. IVF helps them to have a baby, and the success rate is much higher.

Many laboratory techniques help them and facilitate them to have a baby. This is done through intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

For IVF to succeed, experienced urologists advise men for their problems and help them go ahead with the process.

  1. Unexplained infertility: According to the research, one in five couples suffers from infertility.

The reason for infertility remains undiagnosed and hence is unable to have a baby. IVF helps in such cases and allows them to have a child even if the reason is unknown.

  1. PCOS: PCOS is a polycystic ovarian syndrome. Many females suffer from PCOS, and now it is a common condition. This condition involves irregular menstrual cycles and also hormonal imbalance.

Many patients with COS have been treated with IVF technology. Women with PCOS are able to bear a child because of the advanced IVF technology.

  1. Endometriosis: Many women also suffer from endometriosis. It is a medical condition where the womb lining grows outside the home. IVF has proven to be successful in many cases of endometriosis and held various couples to become parents.

  1. Premature ovarian failure: many women suffer from menopause at the early stages of their life. It is also called premature ovarian failure. With IVF, women still have hope and can use toner eggs to bear a child. Ideally, IVF Technology has successful raids in such cases.

  1. Has a safe track record and has a huge success rate

IVF has had a great success record since the first IVF baby. Since then, this technology has seen significant advancements and techniques.

These techniques are helpful in modern times and also lead to successful treatment. IVF uses the safest drugs, and very few of them to reduce the side effects of significant infertility conditions such as OHSS.

  1. It is more successful than IUI and other reproductive technologies available these days

As compared to other reproductive technologies, IVF has more excellent success rates. Also, the success rates have been increasing since the time of its conception. It has seen significant technological advancements and has seen some great success stories too.

With the improving times, it has seen improvements. Along with IVF, IUI is another option that can use donor sperm to have a child.

  1. It has facilitated many single women and same sex couples

IVF is not a restricted technology. It can help bear a child to a single woman or same-sex couples. It provides an excellent opportunity for a single woman who is seeking to become a single mother. This has helped achieve a success rate at a global level.

  1. The IVF treatment has helped diagnose the reasons for infertility too

Sometimes, the cause of infertility is undiagnosed and is unknown. They can be any problem irrespective of gender. In Many cases, Females have a problem, whereas males have an infertility problem in many cases.

Going for an IVF also helps to diagnose the cause of infertility and can be treated. The fertilization is attempted in the laboratory. The reason for Fertility is known while doing IVF and can be treated in the future.

Disadvantages of IVF

  1. There are chances of an unsuccessful IVF cycle

Although IVF treatments have been successful in the past, there is no guarantee of an IVF cycle. Many patients who undergo the treatment for IVF are successful. But this varies from woman to woman, and also, it depends on the fertility specialist.

A fertility specialist is able to give accurate and personalized results of success. While getting IV have done, it is more important to be realistic than to be positive.

The IVF specialist will give you an accurate picture and also about the chances of success.

  1. There may be certain side effects and health risks involved

Many women have got IVF done successfully. But with IVF, there comes the chance of risks and side-effects too. One of the significant health drawbacks of IVF is 0HSS that is ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

In this syndrome, there is Overproduction of the follicles produced in the ovaries. This reduces the chances of IVF.

IVF is done in normal conditions and not under such conditions. There are much reduced chances of 0HSS. But during IVF, these risks and side-effects should be Taken care of and into consideration.

  1. Can lead to multiple pregnancies

IVF treatments are done in the laboratory and have higher chances of success. In IVF treatment, more than one embroil put into the uterus, having a higher chance of multiple pregnancies.

Not many, but 25 to 35% of cases lead to multiple pregnancies. Multiple pregnancies consist of higher health risks and side effects to the body. These are the risks that are to both, mother and the baby.

Also, there is a higher risk of premature labour and other problems such as miscarriage, Caesarean birth, infant health problems, and stillbirth with multiple pregnancies.

Hence, it becomes essential for every infertility clinic to take care of all the conditions and avoid such risks during their IVF process. Also, it is necessary to focus on the reduction of multiple pregnancies.

  1. There are slight chances of ectopic pregnancy in specific conditions

Along with multiple pregnancies, sometimes there are chances of ectopic pregnancy two. Around 1-3% of the females can suffer from ectopic pregnancy during the process of IVF.

This is majorly a chance in the case of females having damaged fallopian tubes. With damaged fallopian tubes, the pregnancy occurs in the fallopian tube and not in the uterus.

  1. It can take on toll on the emotional or psychological well-being of couples

Since IVF technology is different from the natural process of conception, it can take a toll on the psychological being of the couple, both male and female. Many times, couples go through a stressful and emotional experience.

To conduct successful IVF treatment, physical and emotional well-being is required. Also, it is a demanding process in terms of emotions. Many partners see their female counterparts go through a stressful process that is not good on emotions.

Hence, every IVF specialist and Centre should follow the right drug protocols to minimize the amount of stress involved. Many people borrow emergency loans for unemployed to get their IVF done.

Borrowing a loan can add up to the stress of IVF. Hence, it is advisable to take less stress and understand the pros and cons of this treatment in order to stay relaxed and maintain your peace of mind.


Nowadays, infertility is a common problem, and around 80% of females are suffering from PCOS. But with the advancements in technology, IVF has helped many couples to have a child and has given hope to many other couples.

You can go for IVF, too and fulfil your dreams. IVF technology has helped many people to have a child in the best possible way.

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