Different Types of Abortion

We all know what abortion really is. However, do you know about the different types of abortions? Yes, there can be different types of abortions. Understanding the different types of abortions will help you understand the issues related to abortion today Buy abortion pills in UAE.

First, let us answer why abortion is necessary.

Abortion is needed in order to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Different methods of abortion can be used depending on the availability of health care facilities, socioeconomic status, gestation period and the overall health status of the female patient.

The most important factor in determining the method of abortion is the gestational period. Statistics show that more than 60% of abortions occur in the first trimester of pregnancy. During this period, abortions can be safe and post-operative complications are rare. However, if an abortion is performed in the second trimester, it may even prove fatal to the mother.

Broadly speaking, abortions can be divided into two categories: medication and surgery.

Methods of medication abortion

In the medical approach, no surgical procedure or intervention is performed. Medications are used to terminate the pregnancy. These drugs are only effective for terminating pregnancies up to 8-9 weeks. This means that these medications are useful if taken within 8-9 weeks from the last day of a woman’s period. After this period, the effectiveness of these drugs decreases and one must choose the surgical abortion method. Regarding the availability of these drugs, in some countries they are available free of charge, while in other countries they cannot be purchased over the counter, but only after a prescription from a gynecologist.

Surgical methods of abortion

All surgical methods of abortion require intervention and need to be performed in a hospital. Again, the method of surgical intervention varies depending on the stage of pregnancy. If the pregnancy does not exceed 16 weeks, then the pill can be taken to perform an abortion. Another technique is called aspiration. In this case, vacuum suction, aspiration or dilation and suction can be performed. However, if the woman is in the second half of the second trimester, then usually the gynecologist will opt for dilation and evacuation.

If a woman decides not to have an abortion, it should be performed as soon as possible. This is because even surgical abortion methods can only be performed up to 24 weeks of pregnancy and not beyond. Having an abortion after 24 weeks of pregnancy can be fatal for a pregnant woman.

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