The difference in Buying UK Instagram followers vs US

There is clearly a significant variation in customer psychology between the United Kingdom and the United States. Many large corporations, such as American Apparel, have dominated the retail business in the United States, expecting that they can do the same in the United Kingdom. But it was a colossal failure.

This is an important lesson for those of us who believe we can treat all types of Instagram users equally. The reality is that when the demographics of a location change, so does its mentality.

1. Instagram users in the United Kingdom are more environmentally conscientious.

Approximately 58 percent of customers in the United States agree that they are attempting to limit their use of plastic bottles. Making children aware of the dangers that plastic bottles represent to the environment.

However, it is significantly larger in the United Kingdom, at 78 percent, which is 20% higher! Given that the UK has a smaller population than the US, it’s easy to see why they’re more aware.

Instagram users in the United Kingdom are even more aware of the “throwaway” culture that brands like BooHoo, Primark, and Asos promote with their low prices. Consumers in the United States, on the other hand, differ by -14 percent.

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This knowledge is extremely beneficial for establishing your Instagram brand in the United Kingdom. Concentrate on posts that are more environmentally friendly.

2. Vegetarian/vegan Instagram users are more prevalent in the United Kingdom.

Everyone knows someone who eats a lot of poultry, steak, and fish! But, surprise, surprise, in the United Kingdom! There are more vegans and vegetarians there.

In the United States, however, only 7% of persons do not identify as belonging to this category.

Perhaps you should publish more vegan-like posts on Instagram to tie this together with your UK brand. Even if you don’t have a food-focused Instagram account, you can incorporate posts on physical health, such as exercising or maintaining regular routines that promote good health.

3. Millennials in the United Kingdom are more concerned about their mental health.

Let’s concentrate on this section right now. In the United Kingdom, mental health is a major concern. The majority of Instagram page owners post random quotes only to add variety to their feed.

This is a warning sign. We may not fully comprehend the psychology of the people of the United Kingdom, but there are signs that Millennials are increasingly concerned about their mental health.

  • In fact, 72% of Millennials/Generation Y are concerned about this on a regular basis.
  • As a brand, you should take advantage of this to engage emotionally with your Instagram followers.
  • Consider the following scenario:
  • On Sunday, share a phrase that will inspire your Instagram followers as they prepare for back-to-school/work Monday.
  • Friday’s post: The weekend has arrived; school and work are finished!
  • Thursday’s post: The weekend is almost here!
  • This will give your Instagram followers a positive impression of your company.
  • According to Investopedia, almost 59 percent of Millenials in the United States use Instagram.

4. People in the United Kingdom are more willing to try out new products online.

44 percent of Britons say they’re willing to book a doctor’s appointment through the NHS, while 43 percent say they’re willing to undergo an online interview. What a difference a generation makes!

However, this is a huge benefit for firms looking to target UK Instagram followers and convert them into paying customers. It’s simple: UK consumers are eager to try new brands.

It’s a very different storey on the other side of the planet. Americans are divided, with 31% saying they would plan an online appointment and 36% saying they would accept an online interview.

Making Americans take a more traditional perspective.

5. On Fridays, UK residents prefer to order takeaways rather than dine out.

This section is a must-read for anyone who runs a food-related Instagram page! On Fridays, British people prefer to eat at home rather than go out to a fancy restaurant.

The information is polarised:

  • Consumers in the United Kingdom prefer to eat in by ordering takeout.
  • Consumers in the United States prefer to eat out at a restaurant 16.5 percent of the time.
  • This could indicate that people in the United Kingdom have had a long week and wish to spend the weekend at home.
  • However, UK food manufacturers should concentrate on creating eat-at-home content to boost engagement among their Instagram followers.
  • In an ideal world, we’d like to offer content that corresponds to people’s emotions and desires.
  • 6. Instagram users in the United Kingdom view social media to be sad.
  • The most alarming fact for Instagram brands, according to research firm Attest, is that 41% of British users find social media gloomy. While only 30% of Americans believe this.
  • It could be the lack of sun or too much rain in the UK, but this is a problem that marketers on social media must address.
  • Without a doubt, this will lead to a decrease in the number of UK Instagram users. Something that is regarded as depressing will be regarded as harmful.
  • To quickly address this issue, we recommend that marketers concentrate on the type of value they’re delivering through their content.
  • Are you assisting your Instagram fans? or are you just posting random material that doesn’t help the user?
  • Remember, we’re emotional humans who crave rapid fulfilment and enjoyment.

Why not share a storey about your company or how it is affecting the environment? Your posts are intended to provoke good feelings.


We can see that mental health, which is vital for social media, is the most significant element among the various differences between Brits and Americans.

Social media has a two-edged sword: it may either drive away your Instagram followers or draw them in with positive and interesting material.

It’s time to go back to the drawing board and consider what emotions you want to elicit. What kind of pleasant emotion do I want to connect with my Instagram page?

For example, there are several fantastic Instagram pages dedicated to positive tales of people who have overcome depression and changed their lives.

According to the findings, there is a significant difference between buying Instagram followers in the United Kingdom and the United States.

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