7 Storage Pieces to Help Increase the Storage in a Small Space

Storage problems are common for homeowners since we tend to buy items without proper consideration. Even a minimalist couple struggle to meet the requirements of a growing family. However, we can’t just move to a bigger house if the storage space runs out in the current place.

You can use the smart storage pieces for efficient use of the existing space. People rely too much on traditional methods and forget to use their creativity. It will not require the services of an interior designer to come up with solutions for your storage problems.

Cost of Adding More Storage

Money is not the only thing you will spend while adding more storage space to your home. You may sacrifice the theme of the interior to find space for the growing demands of your family. While some other costs include the effort and space in your house.

The ideal plan to increase space will require making the best use of the available options. Thus, you will not add more new shelves to your house to create a sense of congested space. Door-to-door loans from direct lenders can cover the financial aspect of home improvement.

Smart Storage Pieces for Your Small Space

People find the creative solution to their problem once they establish the existing constraint. Space is a major constraint along with the heavy investment when we try to increase the existing storage. The following storage pieces may help you

  1. Storage Inside the Coffee Table

A coffee table is present in the majority of the sitting areas to offer beverages and snacks to the visitors. No one notices them unless they have some appealing design to make the visitors appreciate them. Therefore, you can use them to store a few items from your sitting area.

These tables are perfect to create hidden compartments since people rarely use them as a storage space. Its application may increase if you have the sitting area next to the door. You can create multiple sections with each one of them dedicated to a certain type of item.

  • Under-Bed Bookshelf

Your kids may become avid readers from a young age to constantly increase their knowledge. Some of them even spend hours daily while exploring the imagination of a famous novelist. Now, their increasing collection will require more space in the bookshelf that may soon get full.

We often waste the important storage space inside the bed for unnecessary items. The modern designs allow the homeowners to use the space based on their preferences. Apart from books, you can use the space to store the toys of your kid sleeping on the bed for easy access.

  • Outdoor Bin

Some of the items in our household are very important but we use them rarely. This may include the adventure gear or beach stuff that come useful during the travels. However, the absence of a garage or shed makes it difficult for homeowners to find a place for these items.

You can simply place these items in a bin outside on your porch to create additional storage space. The outdoor bin should have characteristics such as weatherproof and endurable. You can take installment loans for bad credit direct lenders only uk from a direct lender to invest in an outdoor bin.

  • Long Media Cabinet

The media cabinet was serious trouble for the households before the digital revolution. Now, we have one or two devices in our entertainment room to take care of every demand. Earlier, the television, CD-DVR, consoles, and other devices were consuming heavy space along with the physical copies of the content.

You can easily skip the media cabinet by installing a long storage space for your media items. It will serve as a multipurpose storage space to put items outside your media library. Though, you must check the theme of your room before placing a long cabinet under the TV.

  • Under-Desk Drawers

The area below the desks is often left open to allow the user to spread their legs. It should not come as a surprise that the leg space is a complete waste with no other purpose. You can simply order an under-desk drawer to place an additional storage space there.

Remember, you can take it out whenever you want to make it a comfortable desk to work for long hours. Your children’s desk doesn’t require ample space and they can use the drawers as a safe space for their items. Moreover, you can use the drawer as a storage space near the other furniture based on your requirements.

  • Display Shelves and Drawers

You may face the tough question of hiding and displaying items in your housekeeping in mind their appeal. The ugly items will require a drawer to prevent their existence from ruining the interior. While you can place the exquisite items on the display shelves to attract the attention of visitors.

You should consider buying a storage space with multiple shelves and display cases to avoid the unnecessary use of wall space. You can decide to display or hide the items in the bookshelves available at your local Ikea store.

  • Spice Rack

The drawers in the out kitchen are always full of spices and other ingredients. You will find items on the countertop if they don’t find space inside the drawers. The setup creates clutter in the kitchen only take unnecessary counter or floor space.

You can use a spice rack mounted on a wall to store spices and other daily use items. The other items that may find a place in the spice rack include dishtowels, paper towels, and certain cutlery. Moreover, you will create less mess while cooking compared to the drawers.


To sum up, you should never fill the limitation while trying to store new items in your house. So many options are available to increase the space without congesting the entire room. However, these options will work only to a certain extent before the unnecessary purchases start to create serious troubles.

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