Types of dental veneers, which are the best?

The dental veneers are a few small sheets are placed on your teeth natural to improve their appearance . The results with the use of veneers can give you a harmonious and resplendent smile, but depending on the material with which they are made, their cost and durability will vary.

If you are thinking of resorting to the use of dental veneers to improve the appearance of your smile, these are some types that exist:

·      Veneers resin

As the name implies, this type of veneer is made with resin, a moldable resin that is capable of taking the shape of your teeth and once it dries it becomes rigid. This is one of the cheapest treatments; however, the quality of veneers is not as optimal as others made with different materials and their durability is 1 to 2 years .

An advantage is that their installation is very simple and fast , and if they break, they are easy to repair .

·      Porcelain veneers

This type of veneer presents a superior aesthetic result , due to the material with which they are made, it reflects light better and gives them a natural appearance . They are recommended to fill the space between teeth and in severe cases of discoloration, fractures or chipping .

To place them it is necessary to carve your tooth of approximately 1 .0 mm so that they can be fixed and in case of damage a new one must be made, since they cannot be “repaired”. However, they are more resistant to stains caused by drinking coffee or smoking and with proper maintenance they can last between 15 and 20 year

·      Veneers Zirconium

This class of veneers is very rare and because they are made with 100% zirconium ceramic, their cost is higher , although they are very resistant and their appearance is extremely natural. The process to implant them is painless and the material feels very light . 

The disadvantage they present is that their adherence to the tooth is less , so it is very easy for them to come off and in case your zirconia veneer is damaged, there will be no way to repair it . Also, they do not reflect light because they lack translucency.

It is important to note that the use of veneers will not solve oral health problems , since their function is only aesthetic .

Depending on your needs, we will recommend  the best dental veneers  to satisfy your aesthetic needs and obtain a beautiful smile design . Come to us and receive an expert diagnosis.


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