How to change the salvage title

Cars receive a salvage title from the local office of the Department of Motor Vehicles when they have so much damage that the cost of repair exceeds the value of the vehicle. Salvage titles alert new buyers of serious damage to a car’s history, but some car owners may have to change the salvage title to a “clean” title after restoration. The process of changing your salvage title varies by state, so check with your local DMV office before you act. Things You ‘ll Need
SALVAGE CERTIFICATE Weight smog certificate (in some cases) of friends driving license
VIN number
registration number
car with salvage title
money for DMV
car repair fees and maintenance receipts
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1 Collect useful information about the vehicle such as the vehicle’s VIN number and license plate number.Compile necessary documentation such as current salvage vehicle title, weight certificate , the smog registration and certificate (if required in your state). Do you have your driver’s license number and your Social Security number on hand.
2 Contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles office by phone. Local DMV phone numbers are listed in the phone book and on each individual DMV’s official website. Find out if your local DMV office requires a salvage inspection certificate. If so, make an appointment.
3 Attend the salvage certificate inspection on the date and time established in between you and your local DMV.
4 Submit any additional inspections. These vary by state and can include brake and light inspections, weight certification, and smog certification.
5 Fill out and submit a “Title Change Application” or similar form offered by your DMV with your vehicle collection and personally identifiable information.
6 Fill out and turn in any additional documents required by your local DMV office.
7 Pay all costs associated with the cost of changing your car title when you turn in your applications and documents at the DMV. Fees can include tuition, highway patrol fee, county fees, weight fees, doubling title fees, and much more. Most DMV offices accept cash, checks, and debit or credit cards.
8 Receive your new car title, in most cases a “Salvage Rebuilt” title.

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