The steps to rebuild a salvage title

Here is a brief summary of the steps that you will normally need to follow to “remove” a recovery title.

1. Buy the vehicle

This may or may not be as simple as it sounds. Some states will only allow licensed rebuilders to buy or own a salvage titled car. If that’s the case in your state, you will only be able to own the vehicle once it has been repaired and gone through the inspection and rebranding process. 5

2. Repair the vehicle

Make sure you know what you are doing or have a certified mechanic who knows repair the vehicle. Also, be sure to save all your vehicle documents and take lots of photos before and during the repair process.

3. Get the inspection

Obtain and complete the necessary forms from the DMV to have the car inspected. This is where all that paperwork and photos come into play. Most likely, the DMV will require you to submit your bill of sale, salvage title, photos, and other documentation as part of the process. Once you’ve handled the paperwork, schedule an inspection and have the vehicle inspected. 6

Remember, you cannot legally drive the vehicle to the inspection facility, so you will probably have to tow it there.

Once the inspection has passed (and you have paid the inspection fees), the inspector can place a sticker on the vehicle indicating that it has passed. 7

4. Submit the final documentation

Your next step will be to apply for the title under the new name, which will require filling out more forms and paying more fees. You should then receive the title with a statement from the brand on its face indicating that the vehicle has been rebuilt.

Note that if your vehicle received its salvage title in another state, you may need to inspect and rename it in that state before you can register it at home. Again, check your state regulations before making your purchase.

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