What if a child eats rat poison

Rat poisons are highly effective in humans, and this is because rat poison has to be quite powerful, compared to poisons for cockroaches and other insects, and if it is effective in adults, it will be much more so in children.

The problems that a child will suffer if he eats poison, vary depending on the amount ingested, if only a very small portion will present possible vomiting, headaches, nausea, slight difficulty in breathing.

If you consume a larger but still small amount, it will be enough to cause severe shortness of breath, heart problems, internal bleeding , and can lead to coma and death.

It is necessary to understand that even if it seems that the child consumed a very small part of poison, it is urgent to take him to the doctor, because what may seem little is really a lot, and these poisons are highly deadly.

How to know if a child has eaten rat poison?

I have met several parents who are not entirely sure that their child ingested rat poison. I have been told that sometimes they find the child or the baby with the poison pills in his hand, on other occasions the child has managed to put the pill in his mouth, the case may also arise where the child is only found playing with the rat poison. The question arises, how can I know if my child has eaten rat poison? By means of a clotting time blood test, it is possible to know if any poison is taking effect at that moment, they are part of the tests that the doctor would do. On the other hand, if he has it in his mouth, it is very likely that he had ingested a little and therefore it is convenient to take him to the health center, but in any case it is impossible to know if a child has ingested poison without tests.

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