How To Create Interactive & Creative Exhibition Stand?

The event is decided, the date is fixed and now the tones of pressure are on your shoulder. You have to work hard and collect a huge volume of customers for your business during the show. To achieve your exhibition target, you should look out for different ways to improve your exhibition stand designs. The first impression on the exhibition visitors will be created by the design of your exhibition stand.

Gone are the days when exhibition stand without technology devices can attract trade show visitors. Now, it is very important to integrate the latest technology devices with the exhibition stand. Therefore, it must be interactive and creative. Looking for different ways to design and build an alluring exhibition stand? Read the following points and integrate new technology devices with your trade booth. Take a look!

1. Integrate Beacons

The most interactive exhibition stands are comprised of beacons and they have potent to grab the attention of people in the trade show. Everybody has a smartphone and the exhibitors can take advantage of it. You just need to cleverly place the beacon on your exhibition stand. When the exhibition visitor will pass near your exhibition stand, then they will receive a notification on their mobile phone. This notification will give a brief introduction to your company.

It is important to cleverly use beacon technology in your custom or modular display systems. There are so many different ways to use this technique. Firstly, install the beacon around all products or services which you want to promote. There is one more efficient way of doing ‘guerrilla marketing with the help of beacons. You can keep them in the jacket pocket. When you will walk around the trade show, then people nearby will start receiving notifications on their mobile phones.

2. QR Codes On Display Graphics

Some people like to get hard copies like brochures, datasheets, technical data, and many more. But some like to receive an instant downloadable soft copy. We recommend you arrange both. The ease of getting the soft copy instantly downloadable on the phone is undeniable. Therefore, you should display the QR codes on the exhibition graphic display. By simply scanning this QR code, the trade show visitors will get to know about your company without any problem. They will instantly get the information on their phone and read the products and services which you are offering. Also, they will get the link to your website where they can easily get to know about your brand in detail.

Modular Display Systems

3. Augmented Reality

With the advancement in technology, there are so many new technology devices which can help you to demonstrate your products/services at the exhibition stand efficiently. The Augmented Reality (AR) devices will help you to virtually display all your products and services to the trade show visitors. Augmented reality devices are beneficial for e-commerce retail store owners. They cannot bring all their products to the exhibition stand. With the help of Augmented Reality, they can display all their products stored in their warehouse. Also, they can easily display those products that are large and difficult to bring to the trade show.

4. Lage Display Devices

It is an incredible exhibition stand display idea. The large display devices integrated on the exhibition stand can help in display your brand message, brand videos, advertisements related to your products or services. Gone are the days when static display graphics are enough for gaining the attention of the exhibition stand. Make sure that the presentation and video displayed on the exhibition stand digital display are alluring. 

5. Lighting

Lighting fixtures are also an important part of the exhibition stand and they can gain the attention of the people. Install the stylish lighting fixture in your exhibition stand and spread the positive vibes around the booth. Whether you are participating in an outdoor exhibition or indoor exhibition, displaying amazing lighting fixtures plays a very important role. The LED lighting fixtures are available in different styles, types, and colors. You can choose the right one according to your style and type. If you want to reflect vintage and industrial style, then choose LED light with an industrial look. It is one of the best, budget-friendly, and interactive ideas for exhibition stands.

6. Gamification

Gamification is also one of the best ways to create buzz. Gamification is not just putting an electric buzzer inside your exhibition stand. It is far beyond that and it can help in achieving the best results. Gamification can help in creating a buzz in the trade show. This one thing will help you stand apart from the rest of the exhibition stands. People are still naturally competitive, especially on the trade show floor. All exhibitors think of different and unique ideas to take your exhibition stand to the next level.

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